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AIS Geräte

AIS Equipment

AIS receivers receive the AIS VHF radio signals sent by commercial vessels (Class A) and pleasure boaters (Class B). These signals are converted into an NMEA protocol, which can be interpreted from a chart plotter or PC software. The interpreted data can be displayed on the screen used.
Class B transceivers will also send their own ship's data via AIS to all other vessels within range.


The AIS S.A.R.T. „easyRESCUE“ are certified rescue devices. Once activated they transmit the current GPS position of the victim in distress directly to all AIS receivers within range. The “easyRESCUE” devices are all certified by the German BSH, the United States FCC, United States Coast Guard and they are SOLAS ready.


What is AIS?

Substantial investments in recent years have ensured that the traffic safety systems in coastal areas are some of the most modern in the world. The introduction of AIS technology by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the maritime sector will mean a further gain in available sea traffic information and thus also an increase in the safety of sea traffic.

Between AIS devices, this data is automatically exchanged at short intervals with special VHF transmitters and receivers. The FM transmitter unit transmits the data on one of two internationally designated AIS frequencies. One of the outstanding features of the AIS technology compared to other radio services is the automatic organization of the interplay of several AIS devices on a radio frequency without mutual interference.

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