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Secumar Alpha 275 AS

Secumar Alpha 275 AS

Price: 1387,90 €* with easyRESCUE-BW-COM
Price: 1487,90 €* with easyRESCUE-PRO
Price: 1507,90 €* with easyRESCUE PRO (BT)

* All prices include VAT

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Secumar Alpha 275 AS

275N SOLAS lifejacket with advanced technology according to ISO 12402-2 (CE-Sign). The special model for working at height locations: The most durable lifejacket offers in combination with fall protection and distress transmitter matched, a tested and certified PSA system.

The belt guide at the covers bottom, the reinforced, split back belt, the highly stable click buckle with integrated adjustment - these are the features of this work vest. They are crucial to ensure that the lifejacket can be safely adapted to a fall protection system. Both elements of the personal protective equipment complement one another and function reliably as a combined system. Especially in locations such as offshore wind farms or at rescue from heights the compact form of the lifejacket is important to ensure the necessary freedom of movement.

All fall arrest attachment points are fast and safe reachable. An integrated easyRESCUE A040-BW-COM is visible through an inspection window from the outside and is placed by the 3D buoancy chamber in an emergency at the highest possible point in order to allow optimal radiation performance. The coated outer fabric of the protection cover is highly tear and abrasion resistant, making it suitable for hard labor.


CE-approved acc. to DIN EN ISO 12402-2 (CE-Sign)
IMO Res. MSC 81(70) amended by MSC 200(80) and 207(81) (SOLAS).

Ausstattungs- und Funktionsdesign:

easyRESCUE integriert

Denn die Secumar Alpha 275 AS ist mit einem integriertem AIS S.A.R.T. Seenotsender ausgestattet. Der easyRESCUE-BW-COM aktiviert sich selbständig beim Aufblasen des Schwinnkörpers der Weste, da mittels Reissleine ein Magnetschalter geöffnet wird. nach der Aktivierung empfängt das Gerät die aktuelle GPS Position und übermittelt diese per AIS Message an jeden AIS Empfänger innerhalb der Sendereichweite. Das eigene Schiff mit AIS Equipment an Bord bemerkt so die Notsituation sofort und kann den Verunglückten zielgenau anfahren, da die GPS Position jede Minute erneuert wird und auch "Fahrdaten" wie Kurs- und Geschwindigkeit über Grund übertragen werden. Sie gewinnen wertvolle Zeit!




General technical data


Alpha 275 AS

Part No.:



EN ISO 12402-2 SOLAS 74 (MSC.207(81))
Approved with fall-arrest system Skylotec® ARG 51 Formation and Formation Wind and ARG OFF-SHORE MASTER.


approx. 290 N


Dark blue


approx. 2.3 kg


60 g CO2-Dock


50 kg and more body weight up to 175 cm chest measurement

Temperature range:

Storage: -54 °C to +70 °C
Operation: -10 °C to +70 °C

Geographical range:



Special inflatable work lifejacket for use with fall-arrest systems, e.g.: offshore wind farms and for working at heights.

* to protect the SECUMAR Pill/Pill-Box against premature disintegration caused by high atmospheric humidity/temperature SECUMAR highly recommends to adapt the changing interval to these specific areas. The standard interval should be shortened to an appropriate period.


Protective Stole

Integrated Safety Harness
acc. to EN ISO 12401:

Not available


Dark blue


Polyamide fabric

Closed with:

Zip fastener with predetermined breaking point

Adjustment waist belt:

1 lateral slider


SECUMAR Click-Buckle, 50 mm

Lifting becket (3,2 kN):


Back strap:

Single, divisible


Automatic, transmitter

Pocket for accessories:

Not available



Pocket for nametag:



The new window-design enables a direct view of the inflation device and transmitter without opening the protective stole. With the patented SECUMAR CLICK-buckle the donning and doffing of the lifejacket is very easy, it is donned like a normal jacket. Due to an attached provision for fall-arrest system and reinforced divisible back strap the lifejacket can be connected to the fall-arrest system. It can easily be donned and doffed together.


Buoyancy chamber


3D, twin chamber membrane technology



Oral valve:


Retro reflecting tape:

400 cm² (Material: 3M®)


Polyurethane-coated polyam-ide fabric

Overpressure valve:


Pocket for transmitter:


Characteristics: The new type of buoyancy chamber design provides an outstanding ability to turn the wearer in a safe position on his back, even with heavy protective clothing. Additional to this the inflated buoyancy chamber is very comfortable to wear. Due to the 3D-design the visibility of the life-jacket increases significantly because a distress light can be mounted in an approximately 20 cm higher position than in common lifejackets. Furthermore, the transmitter gets a significantly improved range.


Inflation device


1. Chamber

2. Chamber


Automatic activation upon the SECUMAR Pill-Boxes contact with water.

Manual activation with rip cord.





4-in-1-Indicator visible through window



One single red-green-indicator offers an easy pos-sibility of control and inspection before every use: SECUMAR Pill-Box is inserted, CO2-cartridge is full, CO2-cartridge is fitted correctly and activation lever is secured.

One single red-green-indicator offers an easy possibility of control and inspection before every use: CO2-cartridge is full, CO2-cartridge is fitted correctly and activation lever is secured.





Crutch strap:


Distress light:



2x 60 g CO2-Dock

Neck fleece:

Standard (detachable)

Buddy Line:




Signal whistle:



Not available

Instructions, multi-language:


Characteristics: The neck-fleece provides extra comfort in the neck-area. It is detachable and easy to clean or exchange. The service label on the waist belt shows you at a glance when your lifejacket should be serviced again by the SECUMAR service.


easy RESCUE inside

This lifejacket is designed to be used with an integrated AIS SART, distress transmitter easyRESCUE. This emergency transmitter is available in two different versions:



The AIS S.A.R.T. "easyRESCUE" is a rescue device certified by SOLAS and the German Federal Maritime Agency BSH and thus meets the highest quality and safety standards, as they are required in commercial shipping. Additionally, the unit has been tested by the United States Coast Guard and the FCC.

When the floating body of the vest inflates in an emergency, a ripcord tears off a magnetic switch from the transmitter. This leads to an automatic activation of the AIS emergency beacon. The easyRESCUE now determines the current GPS position and sends it with a common worldwide standard distress signal via VHF radio technology. This distress signal contains important information, such as, for example, course and speed over ground of the accident victim.

Each vessel with an AIS receiver on board within a radius of up to 10 nautical miles will receive this signal and is informed of the emergency as well as detailed information regarding the victim and can participate in the rescue. The GPS position and the resulting course and speed over ground are updated every minute and sent 8 times per minute.
In the best case scenario, your own ship is equipped with AIS, which would provide the best chances for rescuing the accident victim as soon as possible. However, even if your own ship does not have AIS on board, then all the other ships can hurry to help.

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The easyRESCUE-PRO has been developed from the well-known and approved AIS S.A.R.T. device easyRESCUE. In addition to the AIS locating functionality, the easyRESCUE-PRO has got another built-in VHF alert: DSC distress call (MOB)

The easyRESCUE-PRO is identical in construction to the easyRESCUE-BW-COM, and provides as AIS SART the same functionality.
However, the device has got additionally the possibility of delivering a "distress call" via DSC radio. This happens at the same moment, in which also the AIS alarm is automatically activated. As a first step, an alert message is sent per DSC to the own ship in "closed loop". For this purpose the MNSI of the own ship must be programmed into the device. The "closed loop" is maintained for 5 minutes. In case of an acknowledgment of receipt within this time, optically and acoustically the victims will be visualized on the device, since the easyRESCUE-PRO has a built-in DSC receiver.
If the own ship has not acknowledge the „closed loop" alert, the easyRESCUE-PRO starts sending „open loop DSC distress call" (MOB) to all ships. Now the shore station or other ship stations nearby can acknowledge this message and the easyRESCUE-PRO will also stop transmitting via DSC.

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