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Viking PV9320 180N

Available from July 2015. If you want to purchase this product, please write us an E-Mail to

VIKING Inflatable SOLAS lifejacket

Buoyancy: 180 Newton, symmetrical

Approved according to SOLAS MSC 48(66) incl. 2010 amendments and EU-directive 96/98/EC

Packed: Approx 63 x 33 x 8 cm
Inflated: Approx 67 x 42 x 16 cm
Weight: Approx 1,5 kg

According to regulations, all lifejackets comes with a light, whistle, reflective tape, lifting strap, buddy line and two automatic inflation systems. For added safety VIKING has mounted a crotch strap.

The new VIKING tailor-made solution:
This item no. refers to the buoyancy level. For a complete tailor-made solution, please select between these custom configuration options:

  • Buoyancy

  • Cover material

  • Closure (buckle style)

  • Inflation system

  • Light

Optional items:

  • Sprayhood

  • PLB pocket

  • PLB


easyRESCUE inside

There is the possibility to integrate an AIS SART "easyRESCUE" into this lifejacket. When the floating body of the vest inflates in an emergency, a ripcord tears off a magnetic switch from the transmitter. This leads to an automatic activation of the AIS emergency beacon. The easyRESCUE now determines the current GPS position and sends it with a common worldwide standard distress signal via VHF radio technology. This distress signal contains important information, such as, for example, course and speed over ground of the accident victim. Each vessel with an AIS receiver on board within a radius of up to 10 nautical miles will receive this signal and is informed of the emergency as well as detailed information regarding the victim and can participate in the rescue. The GPS position and the resulting course and speed over ground are updated every minute and sent 8 times per minute.

The AIS S.A.R.T. "easy rescue" is a rescue device certified by SOLAS and the German Federal Maritime Agency BSH and thus meets the highest quality and safety standards, as they are required in commercial shipping. Additionally, the unit has been tested by the United States Coast Guard and the FCC.


Technical Data

Automatic lifejacket with a chest girth up to 1,75 m Cover configuration - 2: Metal front buckle, D-ring

Cordura: Red, Navy Blue, black, high visible yellow Wipe clean: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black Aluminium coated aramid (fire retardent): Silver

180 N

Dimensions (packed):
Approx. 60 x 35 x 8 cm

Dimensions (inflated):
Approx. 70 X 35 X 19 cm

Approx. 2.3 kg

Buoyancy chamber:
TPU coated nylon. Welded. Double compartment via membrane

Red, blue, black, high visible yellow: Cordura 500. Silver: Aluminium coated aramid Red wipe clean, yellow wipe clean, blue wipe clean: TPU-coated nylon

Halkey Roberts: Both compartment can be inflated automatically, manually or orally Hammar: Both compartments can be inflated automatically, manually or orally

CO2 cylinder:
2 x 38 g CO2 cylinders

Retro- reflective trim:
Eight pcs. of retro-reflective trims, 50 x 100 mm

Miscellaneous: Optional items:
SOLAS approved light, water activated or manually operated Whistle Crotch strap Lifting becket Buddy line Pocket for personal locater beacon (PLB) Visible PLB placed inside the cover Sprayhood Water activated light (W3) or manually operated light (M3) Halkey Roberts release unit or Hammar release unit Label (4x10 cm) with optional text. Embroidery and transfer with optinal text.

Spare parts:
Recharge kit, Halkey Roberts: 1021150 Recharge kit, Hammar: 1037915 Light: W3: R6200006 M3: R6200002 L6A-EX: R6200019 PLB: Pocket for PLB: 1037174 (Height 8,5 cm x breadth 8 cm x depth 3,5 cm) Plb pocket and mounting: S-5900129 PLB: 1038974 Sprayhood: 1036099

Main applications:
Passenger ships, cargo ships and fishing vessels

Approved according to: SOLAS MSC 48(66) incl. 2010 amendments and EU-directive 96/98/EC

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